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Mr Kolleh, I'm going to ask you to look at two pages. The first one is simply the cover page of part of the report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, just so that we know where the second page is coming from. And if the cover can go on the overhead first, please, thank you. And if you zoom out, that will show us, the other way, yes, just keep zooming out. Zoom out a bit more. Or - will it zoom out more and then push the page up the screen a little. Yes. If you just keep going until I ask you to stop. Yes, thank you.

Now, this is the cover page of the report headed "Witness to Truth", report of the Sierra Leone Truth and Reconciliation Commission, volume 3A. And then if you take that off the screen and put the second page on, please.

And this is, if we go to the bottom of that page, simply for reference, you'll see that that is page 105. At the top of the page the heading is "The Composition of the RUF Vanguards". And I'm going to ask you, please, to look at paragraph 69. So can we zoom in, please, on paragraph 69. Will it go, yes, a bit more, if you keep going so that we just have the whole of paragraph 69 in readable form on there, yes, I think that should be all right.

Now, Mr Kolleh, you've told us that you used the name Mustapha Koroma because it was your stepfather's name. In this paragraph there is a section - sorry. In this paragraph there is a list of names and I'm going to read the paragraph to you and then ask you to comment:

"There were also many other Sierra Leonean vanguards whose presence on the base was brought to the commission's attention during its research."

I should say that the base they're referring to here is Camp Naama.

"The list presented here is not exhaustive, nevertheless, the historical record should include the following names as RUF vanguards:

Joseph Kargbo, Ahmed Fullah, Yusu Sillah, Yusufu Sesay, Alicious Caulker, Saidu Kallon, John Kargbo, Edward Fembeh, Eldred Collins, Jatta Massaquoi, Richie Honeyrow, Memunatu Sesay, Fatu Gbemgbe, Mustapha Koroma (alias 'Senkolleh'), Abdulrahman Bangura, 'Kelfawai' and 'Kailondo'."

Those last two names being in quotation marks. Now, Mr Kolleh, this name, Mustapha Koroma, alias Sam Kolleh, do you know who that refers to?

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