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Very well. It hadn't reached me, that's why I was taken a little by surprise.

I will certainly introduce the next witness. His number is DCT-102. He, like all Defence witnesses, has the benefit of certain protective measures in relation to his identity stemming from your order of May of 2009. However, I'm going to invite the Court to lift those protective measures in relation to this witness as he is content to give evidence openly, to disclose his information and give evidence without any kind of protective measures.

The language he speaks is English and we have arranged for a Liberian English interpreter to be available should the need arise. I have personally been able to understand this witness. Unlike many witnesses who speak Liberian English, to me at any rate his English is clear enough and I hope that we will be able to manage with English. It will certainly move things along more quickly if we don't have to use an interpreter. But if anybody has difficulty, then that facility is available. And he will swear an oath on the Bible.

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