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Well, to this extent: First of all, responding to the comments made by my learned friend, in our submission, Mr Taylor is not seeking to control these proceedings. Rather, he's seeking to ensure that his trial is fair. And whereas my learned friend suggests that rather than concentrate on the final brief we busied ourself over the Christmas recess with other matters, now, that may arise from the Prosecution's own embarrassment at some of the details which have emerged, ex improviso, since that date was set, but we submit that the cumulative effect of all the issues which have arisen, ex improviso, in our submission, supports the position which we now take. Now, so far as other concerns, I note that the Prosecution have served a - or filed a motion seeking corrections to the final brief which they submitted. We are not in a position to deal with that, not having seen the final brief or, indeed, looked at the suggested corrections. So as far as that is concerned, we are not in a position to comment because we submit that it is important, as guaranteed by Article 6, that a defendant has adequate time and facilities in order to prepare his defence and we are submitting that we have not had that, and that is the fundamental basis for our submissions.

I don't know if there are any other matters with which I can assist.

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