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Real quickly, just as Charles Taylor has as one of his counsel, a former leader of the LURD rebels, Mr Supuwood, Charles Taylor is capable of turning an enemy into a friend and vice versa very quickly. Just like Sam Bockarie was his son and then he killed him. You can turn very quickly with Charles Taylor. The one thing I was talking about today regarding the promotion was the orders was a radio message at the time of the Abidjan, where TF1-516, and I believe I cited another witness, said that Sam Bockarie should take orders from -- Foday Sankoh said Sam Bockarie should takes orders from Taylor, that's different from the promotion of Bockarie which is in our brief. It's dealt with in our brief, but I don't have the citation here with me right now.

There was one other question, I don't know if I have time to deal with it but it was about the diamonds, what happened to them, your Honours, our position is Charles Taylor was the father, he was the ultimate owner, ultimate authority of the RUF. When the RUF brought him diamonds, Charles Taylor decided what to do - he would do with them. Sometimes he said he was keeping them for Sankoh, sometimes he was getting them ammunition because they didn't have the outside contacts, he did. And undoubtedly he was profiting. Sometimes, he was giving it to his friends obviously. Undoubtedly he was profiting from the diamonds himself. He decided what he would do with them.

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