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I believe in the entire broadcast, which I didn't play, he said his commander at the scene is Brigadier TAB Yaryah, PLO 2, when whom we know from evidence and documents is Gullit, is Alex Tamba Brima. Regarding the question about insider witnesses: Why do we consider somebody like Abu Keita or Varmuyan Sherif insider witnesses. First of all, I don't know when we adopted or who adopted that language. You will think - I think all witnesses can be important but if your question is do these witnesses have inside information all they were enemies of Taylor, the answer is clearly yes, they were not enemies of Taylor when they were in his forces. Varmuyan Sherif, Charles Taylor said he made his assistant director of operations. Abu Keita and Varmuyan Sherif both talked about personally, direct Face to Face dealings with Charles Taylor where he was, in the case of Abu Keita, when he was asked to go join the rebels in Sierra Leone, there was a brief meeting, I believe, and Varmuyan Sherif when he wad asks to take ammunition that ULIMO might have buried, that he'd been recovering for Taylor, to take that to the RUF. There is no question that at that time Varmuyan Sherif was part of Taylor's forces.

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