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I have a few questions for Mr Koumjian. At the end of your presentation, page 163, you referred to Abu Keita, and I have a problem with this kind of denominations between key witnesses, inside witnesses, and all this. Why do you consider Abu Keita or Varmuyan Sherif as insider witnesses, if you know they were former generals of, let's call it as it is, enemies of Taylor? So because you have in your final trial brief, you have mentioned all these numbers, about 30 witnesses testifying about arms being transported, 25 witnesses about diamonds and all these things but I haven't seen anything about this classification about insider witnesses and all this. If I - I put all my questions and then you will answer.

The other thing is about diamonds being sent to the accused. We have heard even from your presentation different accounts about diamonds being given to the accused to buy weapons, for safekeeping or just as a gift. So I need to know really what this diamond was given for to the accused because it doesn't make it very clear how all these diamonds were transported from Sierra Leone to Liberia just for safekeeping. Page 151, I have one question about this AB Sesay. You referred to AB Sesay, and we heard this clip here today about this AB Sesay and we have also a witness who came here, he testified openly, his name was, let me make sure that I am not mistaken, he testified openly and his name is Alimamy Bobson Sesay. Is it the same person or are they different persons?

And you talk about the promotion of Sam Bockarie and Johnny Paul Koroma. You said that the message came from the accused and was conveyed to the promoted, meaning Sam Bockarie, by Jungle. Is it your evidence in the - in this trial? Thank you so much.

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