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Thank you, your Honour. Charles Taylor sent Musa Cisse to accompany Sam Bockarie. Thank you.

So Issa Sesay came here and said, Oh, he didn't come back with ammunition, he bought it in Lofa county from the NPFL officers there. Again this would contradict Taylor because Taylor claims he had no ammunition or weapons. In any event, it's a much better story for Taylor than that they came through Roberts International Airport. The problem for the Defence is that when Issa Sesay testified in his own trial, four times he said, four separate occasions, he said the ammunition Sam Bockarie brought back in December 1998 came from Burkina Faso.

So it was very clear from just from that that Issa Sesay came here prepared to lie to protect Charles Taylor.

When it comes to the diamonds, Issa Sesay of course denied taking diamonds to Charles Taylor, despite evidence from Prosecution witnesses, including some private session testimony of a witness who is in the room about Issa Sesay giving diamonds to Charles Taylor. But Issa Sesay could not account for, if he didn't give the diamonds to Charles Taylor, where did they go? The evidence in this case, and it's in the report of the diamond expert, and in his testimony, is that in, for example, the year 2005, shortly after the conflict, $142 million of diamonds were officially exported and that's probably the highest figure because that always there is going to be some smuggling and people who don't officially reports it but 142 million. Now he does say, Mr Smillie says that I believe 24 million of that could be - came from industrial mining. So one could possibly say, well, the RUF even though Taylor sent them equipment it wasn't the equivalent of industrial mining, so you could take it down to 118 million. Then if you want you could cut that in half saying, well, it's wartime and they're ^ smuggling so let's cut it in half and you still come out to about 59, $60 million worth of diamonds. What happened to them? Where did they go? Issa Sesay in his testimony gave you details about two sales that totalled under $200,000. That's all he could account for.

The Defence admitted into evidence the RUF propaganda document "Footpaths to Democracy" that contains their anthem, and the main refrain in their anthem is: Where are our diamonds, Mr President? Where is our gold? Sierra Leone wants to know. The RUF was supposedly founded on the principle of accounting for the diamond wealth of Sierra Leone but Issa Sesay, who was the leader when Foday Sankoh was arrested from May all the way to the end of disarmament, for well over a year, at the time when the RUF according to all the evidence was producing the most diamonds it ever did, he couldn't tell you where those diamonds were going to. He couldn't tell you because they were going to Charles Taylor and he was trying to protect him. In return Charles Taylor was giving them arms and ammunition and profiting from the diamonds and from the blood of the people of Sierra Leone.

One of the other Defence witnesses, DCT-292 was asked what happened to the diamonds? What benefit did you see to the diamonds that were collected during Issa Sesay's time? And DCT-292, a Defence witness, said, "No benefit at all. We saw no benefit from the diamonds during Issa Sesay's time."

The reason was because the diamonds were going to Taylor.

I'd like to show briefly a clip from P-15.

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