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Thank you, your Honours. I plan to address you in the time that remains, I would hope, if there is enough time, to address you on three subjects. First, the events surrounding the battle in and around Freetown and the atrocities that occurred during those events that began the formal invasion date, the 6th of January 1999. Second, I want to talk to you about the evidence of diamonds and how Charles Taylor profited from the war and the atrocities in this case and the Prosecution evidence of his receipt of diamonds. And finally, if time permits, I would like to make some comments on the Defence case and on the witnesses we heard from the Defence. I will explain why we feel that the case, the Prosecution case, was corroborated during the Defence presentation of evidence over those 16 months that the Defence presented evidence, and that the Defence case added to the evidence showing Charles Taylor's guilt of the charges in the current indictment.

I would also add, your Honours, that I think that the amount of notes I have I'm probably not going to get through everything anyway but what I really want to address are your concerns, so, please, if you have any questions or have any observations you'd like me to address, I would welcome an interruption during the course of my presentation at any time.

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