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Please, Mr Bangura, for my understanding of the case, you started your presentation with key people, and from the documents we have in this trial, we see that like the one you mentioned before you finished, like Eddie Kanneh, John Tanu [phon] and even witnesses in different cases, there are key people who from the documents we received in this trial who played a key role in what you say is the link between the accused and the RUF. I don't know how to understand that these people didn't appear in this trial or - I understand selection, I understand also your strategies and your capacity to bring other witnesses. I understand that. But what I want to know is if these people played this key role in this trial, I want to understand how they were left outside this trial, because I understand that John Tanu and other witnesses testified in this - before this same tribunal, this same court. I want to just for my understanding how these people didn't appear. Thank you so much.

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