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Thank you, your Honour. As to a recording of the bitterness of war, we did not introduce a recording of the bitterness of war, and we must say that despite our diligent efforts we were unable to find such a recording. However, what we did introduce in evidence were the individuals who heard that declaration over the radio, including two Defence witnesses who told you they heard Charles Taylor declare over the radio that Sierra Leone would taste the bitterness of war. As to the declarations made by Sam Bockarie, beginning in September or so of 1998, the Prosecution introduced various exhibits which contained quotes from Mr Bockarie's statements. These were written exhibits. We did not introduce into evidence any recorded BBC broadcast in which he said those words but we did introduce, as I said, various documentary exhibits that captured the various threats that he made about death and destruction in Sierra Leone and the attack on Freetown. And I will search and later we will provide you with the exhibit numbers for those exhibits, your Honour. It is - I will get back to you, your Honour, on those exact exhibits because we did introduce several of them.

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