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That would not be the first time - I suspect it probably is the last time, however - when Mr Griffiths has put something forward on behalf of the Defence team about which perhaps not all of them knew. I have in mind court sitting hours, by way of example. However, I will attempt to give an answer to that tomorrow.

I wasn't in court yesterday during Mr Griffiths's submissions, and I only learned late in the day of matters that he anticipated I might be dealing with that I might or might not have been dealing with. I don't want to say any more than that but I will attempt to deal with that or to have that dealt with tomorrow.

Your Honour, Justice Sebutinde, is that the last of your questions? Because I just want to go back to the first two. In our submission - I've answered the first one about who says the border was closed until 1997, the Prosecution witness Moses Blah. As far as the entire border is concerned, I hoped I'd made it clear it's our position that the two ULIMO groups, I think K were in the north, Lofa County, and J were in Grand Cape and Bomi County in the south. And it's our position that the entire border was closed off for the period that we've stated in the final trial brief. And again I emphasise that the final trial brief date of 1996 is one that I don't think anyone disputes, whereas from Prosecution witnesses, there may be differing accounts as to whether or not it was closed until 1997. But there you have in the evidence of one Prosecution witness, Moses Blah, that it was closed until 1997. And we don't dispute that.

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