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Yes. The background is this. We know that following the signing of the Abidjan Peace Accord, Sankoh supposedly for the purpose of, in effect, selling the agreement to the troops on the ground, was allowed to return to Sierra Leone by helicopter and visited a couple of the jungles which had been set up in the interim period. We all recall that evidence.

Now, unknown to those who were providing Sankoh with that assistance, and it goes again to demonstrate the extent of Sankoh's duplicity because I want your Honours to be clear. I am not here to defend Foday Sankoh, and it's clear from much of the evidence we've heard that man was capable of great deceit, even with members of his own movement. That is a fact. That is established by the evidence. And it's in that context, then, that I invite your attention to this exhibit. Do your Honours now have it?

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