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May it please your Honour, before we adjourned, I was dealing with our fifth proposition, describing the straitened conditions in which Foday Sankoh found himself following the breach between he and Charles Taylor.

And on that topic, had noted that at that critical stage, because of a lack of the wherewithal to pursue the war, Sankoh was forced to change tactics and adopt jungle warfare, and the RUF were surviving on captured weapons, weapons traded for farm produce in Guinea, and also at Foday Sankoh - note Foday Sankoh's - suggestion, trading with ULIMO.

Now, on this critical issue, the condition of the RUF at this point, we are greatly assisted by some testimony given by a protected witness, and you will recall, Madam President, that I inquired whether we could have a brief private session just before the luncheon adjournment. So could we deal with that topic now?

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