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So as I was saying, so the fact remains that much of the Prosecution's case, the crucial part of its case, has been in large measure shrouded in secrecy. The public will never know the content of that important testimony. It's a matter of some concern.

Now, let me turn, then, to the factual matrix of this indictment. Now, we do not dwell overlong on the factual background because, again, these are set out fully in our final brief, but we submit that the following factual propositions are true. Firstly, the recruitment of trainees, their training and Camp Naama, Sokoto, and the planning of the invasion of Sierra Leone, was without the accused's knowledge. It was, we submit, the result of a conspiracy between Sankoh and certain senior NPFL officers whom Sankoh met and befriended in Libya. Men such as Sam Tuah, Oliver Varney, Charles Timba, Sam Lahto [phon], Francis Mewon [phon], Dopoe Menkarzon, Anthony Mekunagbe and General Degbon.

Now, your Honours will recall not many minutes ago I mentioned this golden thread running through the Prosecution's case. Can I pause now to look at what undoubtedly has to be an anomaly in light of that foundational part of the Prosecution case? Camp Naama. Why did not one single Prosecution witness claim to have met Charles Taylor at Camp Naama? Not one. There is no evidence before this case that Charles Taylor ever set foot in Camp Naama and met any RUF trainees. The question has to be why not? He is the godfather, to quote Mr Koumjian. He's the God father. Even a godfather meets his foot soldiers. So why not Charles Taylor? Bearing in mind that design fashioned way back in Libya. Surely, as the overall commander, this is his proxy army, he'd want to pop along now and then to find out how they are getting on. How have they taken to the training? Are they properly being trained in the arts of terrorism? Why didn't he turn up to find out?

And likewise, where is the evidence of any of agents, like Mr Mongor, going back to report to him? Guess what, chief? This is what's going on down in Camp Naama. Why not? He has to be in strategic control. It's basic military understanding that you need to be on the ground to see what's going on. So why isn't he there?

A second question your Honours might want to ask yourself is this: Bearing in mind, of course, the golden thread, going to take over Liberia then we are going to do the same in Sierra Leone, why were the RUF training separately from the NPFL? Every witness who has come to this Court has told your Honours that there was a division between the RUF trainees and the NPFL trainees. They are in different parts of the camp and never the twain shall meet. Why? Because this design established in Libya, surely the overall commander, Charles Taylor, would want to coordinate the training. It makes strategic and tactical sense, from a military point of view. So why are they being trained separately? It just does not make sense. It doesn't add up.

A third question: Why were the RUF recruits at Camp Naama not properly supplied with arms? There is ample evidence that only certain members of the RUF at Camp Naama had access to AK-47s. The vast majority of the recruits only saw them when it came to being taught how to dismantle and use them. For the most part they were carrying sticks. So why was Taylor doing that? If it's part of this overall design, one would have thought they would be properly supplied. Not only with arms but also with food. And we are told that that too was in short supply. Why? We submit that these are important questions. We submit that these aren't questions which can be conveniently brushed under the carpet and forgotten. They go to the very heart of the Prosecution case, and unless you judges can find an answer to those substantive questions, we submit that the only verdicts that are possible are verdicts of not guilty, because we would have totally undermined an important aspect of the Prosecution case.

Now, I'm helpfully assisted by Mr Chekera and before it slips my mind, can I correct something if I gave the wrong impression. Sam Tuah and Charles Timba were not trained in Libya.

Now, the second point that I'd like to make, moving on from Camp Naama - well, not moving on from Camp Naama, but dealing with an aspect of Camp Naama, could I first of all, please, invite your Honours' attention to paragraph 406 of our closing final brief? This, your Honours will find at page - yes - no, sorry, 139, paragraph 405, please. Do your Honours have it?

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