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Thank you, your Honour. Your Honour asked a short while ago about the paragraph - Justice Sebutinde asked about which paragraph I was reading this quote from. It's paragraph 1081, 1081. It actually does not fall within the range of paragraphs that I had earlier referred to that I'm dealing with now. I'm sorry, it does, it does. 1081. Because wide ranges - I'm dealing with paragraphs 1068 to 1115. And so this one falls within.

Now, the cite in that paragraph, perhaps I might just - instead of reading -- I'll read the quote again. "In some accounts, the arms and ammunition were given by Bockarie to - to Bockarie by Taylor. DAF testified that he was told the ammunition came from Monrovia." The brief cites Abu Keita in support of that. "On other accounts, the arms and ammunition came from either Burkina Faso or Libya. That is what DAF stated." Anybody reading this is left with the impression that all of the witnesses underlying these assertions were inconsistent. And the truth is that these assertions are basically mischaracterisations, and to some degree, it affects the overall testimony of - testimonies of these witnesses. I mean the mischaracterisation.

Now, if we look at just that quote, what we have there, a number of assertions. Assertion 1 -

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