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So, in fact, as a result of that accidental incident, Charles Taylor decided straight away to start the war and not to wait. And so this witness was not there at all. He came back from reconnaissance mission and found that the attack had already taken place.

Now, what the Defence seek to do is to conflate the issue of strategic plan with that of tactical plan. They say that, in fact, at that meeting, it was not possible to have had planning, to attack Sierra Leone at that meeting, and that did not occur. But the position is that even before they had a meeting in Voinjama, there had been a bigger strategic plan to attack Sierra Leone. The tactical plan was simply to implement that strategic plan and that tactical plan was what was discussed in Voinjama.

Now, to support this, the testimony of 532, this witness said he met Charles Taylor - this witness said that the plan to attack Pujehun and Liberia, a two-pronged plan, had already been planned from Camp Naama and it was not at a meeting in Voinjama that the plan to attack was made. That means the strategic plan itself had already been laid out right all the way from Naama.

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