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Thank you. This witness had a meeting, Foday Sankoh and Charles Taylor had a meeting with others, together with this witness, the next morning. Another witness, 523 - 532, TF1-532, he testified on 10 March 2008, and he, at pages 5669 to 5674, he states that the - there was a convoy of trucks and vehicles heading for Voinjama and Foday Sankoh was among those in that convoy and they - he was also in the convoy and they arrived at night in Voinjama and this witness said that he met Charles Taylor that same night, and the witness said that Taylor told him that he had a mission for him, another mission for him. And they had a meeting that night, and Taylor explained that he was to go to fight in Sierra Leone. Now, this we submit is not inconsistent at all with what the previous witness said, whose meeting with Taylor and Sankoh was the following morning, after their arrival at Voinjama.

Another protected witness also testified that - in fact, he is cited by the Defence and his testimony is that he had been sent to Freetown on a reconnaissance mission and, on return, he found that the attack in fact had taken place. Now, the Defence cite this witness as having made - as having given evidence which is inconsistent with those of the other two witnesses that I have already cited. The fact is that this witness was not present at all when the attack took place, he had just returned from Freetown on a reconnaissance mission, and when he arrived, he said that those meetings and the attack itself had taken place already.

So this witness, the second of the protected witnesses I've just mentioned, he was not present in the convoy and he was not there in Kailahun District when the initial attack took place. He was also not there when the attack took place at Pujehun District. He described the attack as accidental. He said that the attack on Bomaru occurred on the first day of the reconnaissance mission that had been sent there and it just happened that that attack - that incident occurred, and that speeded up the plans for actually attacking Sierra Leone.

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