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Thank you, Madam President, your Honours. I will be addressing this Court on the corrected Defence final trial brief, and I will be covering a range of topics, but principally, I'll refer to the paragraphs in that brief, and then we'll discuss the issues that we will be submitting on.

First I'll refer to paragraphs 809 to 812, and that - those paragraphs deal with the subject of invasion of Sierra Leone, planning of the March 1991 attack on Sierra Leone.

Defence allege that Prosecution evidence relating to the planning at Voinjama is inconsistent. This evidence is clear and very consistent in the Prosecution's view. And for the following reasons: A protected witness testified on 25 January 2008 that he joined Foday Sankoh, who was in a convoy heading towards Voinjama at night and Sankoh said to him that he would discuss the operational plan for the invasion the next morning. Next morning, the operational plan meeting took place.

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