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Adjudicated fact 15 concerns a particular group of reinforcements who arrived in Waterloo at the end of the Freetown invasion, and that is the group that we're talking about, that's the group that the adjudicated fact addressed and that's the group that the Trial Chamber ultimately found, after reversing the adjudicated fact, connected this group led by Rambo Red Goat. Unfortunately, the evidence that supports the Trial Chamber's finding - and we've pointed this out in our brief - is quite contradictory as to what this group entailed. One witness said there were 60 fighters together with Rambo Red Goat, another witness puts the number at about 15, but we do know that it was a group of RUF reinforcements that were led by Rambo Red Goat at the end of the Freetown invasion who the Trial Chamber ultimately found connected with the troops in Freetown.

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