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Mr Fofana testified he didn't go to school, but he certainly is an intelligent man. Without the outside support, none of these attacks would have occurred. And what did diamonds have to do with it? Well, the outside support was coming from Charles Taylor in return for diamonds. The evidence shows in this case that prior to the Junta period, the RUF held diamond areas for relatively short periods of time, but during the junta period they controlled more or less the country, including Kono, including Tongo Fields. And Charles Taylor began to get -- to taste diamonds and the taste was sweet. And so when the ECOMOG kicked the RUF out of Freetown, when the intervention happened, repeatedly, and the Judgement finds this, Charles Taylor stressed to the RUF and AFRC to Johnny Paul Koroma and Sam Bockarie, "You've got to take Kono. You've got to hold Kono." Why? Because Kono is the diamond capital of Sierra Leone. So Charles Taylor, in return for those diamonds, provided the means that allowed all of these crimes to happen. Without, as Ibrahim Fofana said, without the diamonds, he'd still have his hands, his family would still be alive. And without the contributions of Charles Taylor to the AFRC/RUF alliance, the crimes charged in Counts 1 through 11 in the indictment would not have occurred. Causation is not required but it was shown in this case, and the evidence in this case is overwhelming that Charles Taylor made a substantial contribution, as the Trial Chamber found, to each of the 11 counts. Thank you. Now Ms Hollis will address you on other issues.

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