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What we've done in this chart is to isolate an adverse finding of fact made by the Trial Chamber, in one column. In the next column we've identified the uncorroborated hearsay relied upon, and the next column, we've shown the manner in which the hearsay was relied upon, and this is an example that appears on page 4 of this document, in the middle row of that page, and at paragraph 31(13) of the Judgement, it is there said that the Trial Chamber finds that the accused, Charles Taylor, told Bockarie to make the operation fearful in order to force the government into negotiation and free Foday Sankoh from prison. So this is the finding, Taylor told Bockarie, "Make the operation fearful." Where did this come from? We say the uncorroborated testimony of Isaac Mongor at paragraph 3116 of the Judgement, and Mongor said he testified that Sam Bockarie told him, Mongor, that Taylor said that in order to ensure the freeing of Foday Sankoh and others, they should ensure that the ammunition would not be wasted and that the operation should be "fearful" in order to capture Freetown and hold on to power. Now, at paragraph 3117 the Trial Chamber finds -- based on this evidence, the Trial Chamber finds that the accused told Bockarie that the operation should be made fearful. The statement by Sam Bockarie is a statement allegedly made by the accused to Sam Bockarie, so the original declarant here is Mr Taylor, on the basis of this testimony. Sam Bockarie is a subsequent declarant who tells the information to Isaac Mongor. We are not --

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