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Thank you, Madam President. If I may begin by indicating the order of presentation of the Defence's appeal in respect of the questions posed under Roman numerals (i) through (vi) of number 2 of your order of 30 November. Mr Chris Gosnell, to my immediate right, will address Roman numeral questions (i) through (iv), except for the third question subsumed within Roman numeral (i). This is the question about a possible hierarchy among the various modes of liability under Article 6(1). The fifth question will be addressed by me, this is the question dealing with uncorroborated hearsay, and the sixth question will be addressed by Ms Kate Gibson. The third question subsumed under Roman numeral (i) will be addressed by Dr Eugene Sullivan, seated to my immediate left. With leave of your Honours we propose to modify somewhat the order in which we answer the questions, and that relates to questions 5 and 6. Instead of question 5 being addressed first by me, we propose that Ms Gibson, with leave of your Honours, address question 6 first and then I finish last vis-à-vis question 5. Thank you.

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