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Any other matters before I ask Mr. Khan what his response is, Mr. Rapp? You're thinking only of the pre-trial brief. Could you refer me to that 42-day rule? I'm just looking for it here, please.

MR. RAPP: We're referring to the 42 days in the protective order. I believe there's a protective order of 5 May 2006, and that's the disclosure of unredacted witness statements prior to testimony.

Now, frankly, it would be our intention to disclose in unredacted form on that day all the witnesses likely to appear in the first trial session, so we would also at that time wish to file our pre-trial brief, which of course would include all of our witnesses listed by pseudonym, and certainly at that point some of them would have been -- of course, their identity revealed.

But the way I read 73 bis is that the Trial Chamber, prior to the Pre-trial Conference, orders the pre-trial brief, and then at the Pre-trial Conference the pre-trial brief and other matters are then discussed in terms of what needs to be done for the trial. So there's no requirement that the Pre-trial Conference occur on the 24th of April. It could occur several days thereafter.

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