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I'm talking about --

MR. KHAN: Your Honour, there's no obligation on the Prosecution -- on the Defence to agree a jot. Your Honour, there's no obligation on the Defence to agree to anything. The Prosecution bring this case and they must prove this case beyond reasonable doubt.

Now, Your Honour, I've told the Prosecution and I've informed Your Honours that in good faith, at the relevant time, I'm going to endeavour to focus this trial, from the Defence perspective, on matters that are relevant. But, Your Honour, I'm not willing to accommodate the Prosecution, bend over backwards, when it's not in the interests of my client. My time at the moment is most efficaciously spent in case preparation and reading the evidence.

Now, Your Honour, I gave the statistics; five minutes a page, how long it will take. We haven't gone through the evidence, and I'm not going to start agreeing facts until I've done that. I think that's professionally incompetent and I'm not willing to do that.

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