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I see no reason to amend or deviate from the directive I've already given, and the directive stands.

I move on now to the second item, which is the indication from the parties on any points of agreement, including admissions or statements not in dispute and agreed issues. This was discussed at some length at the previous Status Conference.

I understand from correspondence that a list of agreed facts of both fact and law were served on you, Mr. Khan, on the 31st of October. Was that correct? How is that coming on?

MR. KHAN: The position is as stated in the letter from the Prosecution to Your Honours, and it's in accord with my previous submissions: That I will turn my mind to agreeing facts once I've read the evidence. Your Honour, I have not read all the evidence in the case or am in a position at the moment to agree facts. I have given the Prosecution my assurance that as far -- as soon as possible before trial, I will turn my mind to the areas where we can focus. But at the moment it's simply not sensible to start agreeing matters without understanding either the contours of the Prosecution case or particularly the full gamut of evidence.

Your Honour, this goes back, of course, to the motion that I had previously filed and which has been adjudicated on regarding adequate time.

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