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Before I talk about Livenote, Your Honours, if you permit me, on the question of filing of exhibits, if I may go back to that issue, when the parties are providing the copies, if they could please supply 15 copies so that we can serve them on the legal officers, the Chambers and all of the parties.

Now, concerning the issue of Livenote, although the Court is sitting in The Hague, we remain an integral part of the Special Court in Freetown where Livenote is not possible. At this late stage it's too late to discuss it with the International Criminal Court. The negotiations are far gone and nearing completion. It will be too late to reconfigure Courtroom II to accommodate Livenote. There are logistical difficulties. There are huge financial implications. I understand it will cost about 150,000 US to install the Livenote.

Furthermore, the stenographers recruited by the Special Court for these proceedings are not trained at all for the use of Livenote. It's a very complicated and sophisticated process. Those are all my points.

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