The transcripts of the trial of Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia. More…

Okay. That is good then because what would happen is we would each have a little file before us of everything that is going to happen that week, including the prospective exhibits that we would then just have to refer and admit or otherwise as their circumstances require, so we will expect to see the actual copies of these intended exhibits on our files two weeks prior to the batch, to the witnesses appearing. Thank you.

There is an item on the agenda that is very briefly referred to by the parties as Livenote being a preferred mode, I think, of record keeping. There is not much else that is said on the agenda and we don't know -- in the Special Court we haven't used Livenote before and we don't know what facilities are available here, at the ICC, but we could hear either from the Chief of Court Management as to what is possible. Could we hear from the Chief of Court Management of Sierra Leone, please.

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