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Thank you, Mr Jalloh.

It is clear to me that Mr Taylor's request to speak with the Principal Defender is not an unreasonable one in the circumstances. Obviously, there will be situations and there will be issues over which Mr Taylor, for one reason or another, would rather speak to the Principal Defender than Mr Jalloh and I think that is perfectly reasonable. It's a reasonable request and falls within his rights to do so. The Office of the Principal Defender was set up precisely for reasons like that.

Now, we've not heard a convincing reason why the Principal Defender has repeatedly been denied the opportunity to come to Freetown and perform his -- to come to The Hague and perform his duties. On the contrary, what we have seen is that the trial -- the smooth running of the trial is being hampered by this kind of development and it's not good.

I'm therefore going to issue certain directives addressed -- directed at the Office of the Registrar, the Acting Registrar, and the order or the directive is in these terms:

The Registrar is directed to immediately facilitate the Principal Defender to travel to The Hague for the purpose of speaking with Mr Taylor and sorting out his defence problems. The Registrar is further directed to ensure that logistically the accused has adequate facilities, in accordance with Article 17 of the Statute, without further delay.

I think with those directives that should bring us to the close of today's proceedings. The trial will adjourn to Monday, the 25th of June, at 9:00.

Please adjourn the court.

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