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Mr Herman, there is one question we would like you to answer for us. Has the Principal Defender been refused money to come to The Hague for the purposes of talking to Mr Taylor? Is that correct?

MR. VON HEBEL: Your Honour, on this question, there have been consultations between myself and the Principal Defender. He has indeed requested to travel to The Hague in order to be at the Pre-Trial Conference. Since Mr Jalloh is the representative of the Defence Office and can deal with all matters relating to the functioning of the Defence Office, I thought it was not necessary, in addition to the presence of the duty counsel, to have Mr -- the Principal Defender being here, which is also in conformity with the practice in Freetown. It was therefore my decision indeed not to have him travel over here to Freetown -- to The Hague because all issues of contact with Mr Taylor could have been addressed through the duty counsel.

As far as I was informed at that time by the Principal Defender, the issue related to the financial aspects and those aspects, as I said earlier, were already discussed with the Defence counsel himself and with the duty officer as part of those proceedings. And so the agreement was already there on the financial support for the Defence by myself, by the Defence Office and by Mr Khan as the Defence counsel for Mr Taylor. Thank you.

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