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Yes, your Honour, I will be very brief on this matter.

The Defence for Mr Taylor entered into a contract with the Principal Defender in September of last year, and as of then the resources for him to prepare his case has been clear. There have been discussions with the Principal Defender and also with the Registrar's Office since then, and in March of this year there was an agreement with the Defence counsel, Mr Khan, on which we would increase the amount of support for the Defence Office and for -- in particular, for the Defence counsel.

The final situation -- financial situation is now comparable with the support that is used in other tribunals, like the Yugoslav tribunal, and actually his position is a better one than the one in -- than the system that is applied in other tribunals. So also for us it was a bit of a surprise this morning to see some of the complaints. As you, your Honour, yourself indicated just a couple minutes ago, some of the comments by the counsel were not justified.

I'm more than happy, in detail, to write to the Chamber in order to clarify those certain matters. In particular, the question about being -- sitting in the cafeteria or otherwise to work is certainly not correct. The Defence has always had the opportunity of using office space in Freetown and in The Hague as of February of this year. But there may be other issues. I'd be more than happy, of course, in writing later on to inform the Chamber of all the measures taken in the past, and of course we will be in full support of any further orders from the Judges in order to ensure that there is no delay in the proceedings for this case. Thank you very much.

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