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I have an international investigator who was appointed in March 2007. I have a local Liberian investigator who was given a contract in May - in May - 2007. Your Honour, those investigators are contracted separately to the Office of the Principal Defender.

Your Honour, my learned friend trespassed, in my respectful submission, and it was interesting, of course, to hear what no doubt will be a riveting opening, but the hyperbole that he displayed I think was inappropriate given the focus of my initial submissions.

The accused cannot be compelled, in my respectful submission, to attend court against his well. Not-guilty pleas have been put; not-guilty pleas remain in relation to all counts of the indictment. Under the rules, my learned friend is well aware that if an accused stays mute, if an accused, for whatever reason, is disruptive or is removed from court, not-guilty pleas will be entered.

So, your Honours, there's no reason to delay proceedings. I don't seek to delay matters. My learned friend can proceed, with your Honours' leave, to give an opening speech. I think the matter is straightforward given the client's letter and his letter to the Registrar.

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