The transcripts of the trial of Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia. More…

Your Honour, I will. Your Honour, I'm most grateful.

Your Honour, none of these issues are new. Mr Taylor was transferred in June 2006 and the Defence have been round the houses - and the accused knows this, has been fully kept informed - to the President, to the Trial Chamber, to the Registry, complaining from the get-go, from the first opportunity, that there had been lamentable resources and that this Registry in The Hague is not, frankly put, fit for purpose. Whether it's teething trouble that Mr Registrar referred to or severe toothache is perhaps a matter for conjecture. But what is clear is that from July until March -- June until March, the Defence of Mr Taylor will work in cafes and restaurants because the Registry had failed to perform its function.

In December 2006, the 15th of December, we sent a letter to the Prosecution -- well, to the Registrar, only copying the Trial Chamber, in which we complained of these issues.

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