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But, your Honour, the practical difficulties extend to the fact that some of these motions are already due, and the issue of -- the order of the Court today, as interpreted in relation to the provisions of Article 24(D), we had a situation, your Honour, where the accused is representing -- was representing himself that gave rise to the fact that the provisions of Article 24(D) could not immediately apply, in my view. And as such the order of today does not, in my view, take into account the fact that the accused was representing himself until today, whereby we reported to the Court that we prevailed on him to rethink the possibility of being represented by counsel and therefore the need to put together a legal team.

All that said, the practical difficulty is that some of these motions are already due, and if Duty Counsel will have to respond to them, it has to be with the aid of the Court in terms of an extension of time within which he is able to do that so that we don't create a legal anomaly under the circumstances.

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