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Yes, your Honour, there are, indeed, practical difficulties from the perspective of the Office of the Principal Defender and as a result I would like to make a few observations.

Now, of course, by the order of the Court, Duty Counsel is supposed to, in the interim, assist with the case. As indicated, this case, the trial, is to continue on the 3rd of July. There are a lot of pending motions which Duty Counsel does not have the -- I mean, within the time period, the ability to respond to all of them, and of course the disclosures that he has not been privy to before now, to look into between 35 to 40,000 pages of disclosure, Prosecution disclosure, and continuing disclosure, for him to be ready to possibly participate in the case as of the 3rd of July, this will create real practical difficulties.

And, your Honours, there are some issues I would like to address you in chambers rather than in public in terms of practical difficulties for the OPD regarding this issue. I wouldn't want to mention them in public.

So these are the difficulties I just thought I should throw out to the Honourable Chamber.

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