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So I was going to continue that the Trial Chamber wishes to inform the parties of the forecast of what's going to happen in the next two months.

First of all, the Chamber is required to be in Freetown for sentencing proceedings with regard to the AFRC trial, and we should be there from the 12th of July until about the 19th of July for this purpose, and so we will not be here but we will be in Freetown and therefore the proceedings in this case during that time will not be able to take place.

We will be back in The Hague on the 20th of July, but unfortunately that is the day that the ICC recess also commences and so we will not be able to sit in court for these proceedings until the end of the ICC recess.

Now, this is what we had initially said, that we would comply with the ICC recess times. The ICC recess, I think, ends on the 13th of August, if I'm not mistaken, 13th of August, 2007. However, this was before the President of the Special Court issued an order designating the recess for Freetown. Now, the Special Court recess starts a little bit later than the ICC recess and also lasts a little bit longer than the ICC recess, a week longer.

Now, given the fact that parties cannot file any documents until the Special Court recess is over, we did not think it wise to reconvene this trial during the pendency of the Special Court recess. In other words, we expect to reconvene the trial after the -- on Monday, the 20th of August, that is, after both recesses are over. So Monday, the 20th of August, is the day that we'd reconvene next, after we adjourn next week. We will have one more week --

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