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Then, in that case, I will adjust that order to read that we shall adjourn these proceedings to Tuesday, the 3rd of July, when we expect these proceedings to continue, and I will tell you in a minute how they will continue.

Now, this next order is directed at the Registrar as a long-term measure. He is directed to ensure that by the 31st of July, 2007, which is barely more than a month from today, the Principal Defender is enabled to assemble a Defence team for Mr Taylor comprising the following: One lead counsel of the qualities described or mentioned in Rule 45(C) of the rules, two co-counsel of the quality described in Rule 45(C) of the rules, and one senior investigator at a P4 level. These will supplement the residual members of the team of Charles Taylor as they now exist, the various assistants.

Now, the fully constituted Defence team should be in place by the 31st and ready to address the Chamber when we reconvene.

Court will adjourn to the -- in the interim, court will adjourn in a week's time, to the 3rd of July, for the continuation of the Prosecution case. That's, fairly, a week from today. During that time we expect either Duty Counsel to represent the accused or the newly Assigned Counsel in the interim to represent the accused, because the Prosecution will continue with their case on that day.

Now, the Trial Chamber also wishes --

Yes, Ms Hollis, did I make a mistake?

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