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Your Honours, there are two issues in terms of timing for us, at least from the perspective of the Defence Office. The Defence Office, in my view, from my experience, will require not less than four weeks to put together a Defence team, possibly up to six weeks, in view of recess and all that.

Now, putting together a team is our responsibility from the circumstance. Thereafter, the team that is put together will be in a position to determine, to approach the Court, as to whether they need time to proceed. And I want to bifurcate that request. We cannot make the second part of the request because we're not in a position to. But in terms of being able to put together a team, we would say between four to six weeks to constitute a team, provided that the Registry would cooperate with us in terms of ensuring that adequate resources in putting a team together are provided.

Thank you, your Honour.

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