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Your Honour, I would have thought that -- I would have thought that our representation to the Court that the accused has agreed to come back to participate in the process if these issues are addressed is an indication that what he has indicated in that letter is qualified. And as to whether or not he should have been here to withdraw that letter is a different issue for me as to whether or not -- what he should do at this point in time, particularly because we are not standing in the position of counsel for the accused as at today. We are, rather, doing our duty in facilitating adequate representation for the accused.

So I would assume that, having sent us on a mission to consult with him, and we got an undertaking from him to come back and to participate in the process, I think that prevailed upon him to be -- to begin to even consider the issue of the formation of a legal team. And I thought that that is a success. He could have easily said, "You get out. I don't want to talk to you and I don't want to participate." But we've moved away from that point of view, to try to bring the accused back to the Court in the interests of justice.

So, of course, I could convey a message to him that the Chamber is of the view that he has not withdrawn the letter in question. If the Honourable Chamber wants me to convey that particular message, of course I will.

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