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Madam President, if you allow, I would like to make a preliminary remark before I respond.

The issue of adequate resources and facilities has been a long and protracted one. Your Honours issued a decision on the 23rd of January, 2007, on these issues and expressed satisfaction that the Registry was using its best endeavours to provide the Defence with adequate resources and facilities.

In terms of the way forward, the Registrar has filed a motion on 21 June 2007. The demands that have been made are excessive, your Honour, and if I may borrow your words, we may have to cut our coat according to our size. The accused is indigent but is insisting on the services of a Queen's Counsel or his equivalent. As your Honours have stated, there are counsel on the list of counsel maintained by the Office of the Principal Defender. Even if they do not take over long term, they may take over in the interim so that the case may at least move forward.

Specifically regarding the proposals put forward by the Principal Defender, the Acting Registrar has shifted a little bit within the budgetary constraints that the office faces. I do not wish to go into details of figures and budgetary issues, Madam President, but the Registrar has increased the amount of monthly remuneration to a figure that we consider adequate. The Office of the Principal Defender also requested the services of a very experienced international investigator. Again, the Registrar has agreed to move the post up one grade to the P4 level to adequately support the case of the Defence. And the Acting Registrar remains flexible and is willing to continue to engage in resolving this issue.

How do we move forward today? Our own recommendation is to have an interim counsel take over this case and continue this case. The interim counsel could be one of the former members of the last Defence team. It could be Karim Khan. It could be the former co-counsel, Roger Sahota. There is nothing that has happened here before Madam President that has not happened in the other tribunals, that has not happened --

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