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Your Honour, the issue has been one of repeated requests from the Defence Office to be able to engage on this matter. There has been unilateral and one-way approach towards the issue of Defence resources recently, and that again impacts on administrative issues that your Honours may not be in a position to want to hear. But I think approving a higher budget will address this issue, really, and enable us to move forward in constituting a team. We are ready to approach lawyers to constitute a team, but as the Defence Office, though part of the Registry, we function in a manner that enables us to facilitate a case of an accused almost independently of the Registry, but we have no resources of our own to just go ahead and begin to get lawyers to court. The issue is the need for a higher budget, the need for the Registry, core Registry, to see that there is indeed an issue of resources and possibly address it from the point of view of possibly the Management Committee to enable an adequate Defence to be provided to the accused in the circumstance.

That is the crux of the matter, the need to provide adequate Defence, the need to ensure that a team is put together, and we cannot do that on our own because we do not have the resources. Everything boils down to whether or not the resources are adequate, and it is only the Registry that can provide that.

And, your Honour, if I may refer to the issue of logistical resources, and it is the same motion for logistical resources that was recently delivered. It was made very clear that the Registry, in conjunction with the Office of the Principal Defender, ought to work together to meet the logistical needs of the Defence team. And so because of the need for us to -- the need for us to work together is because the Defence Office has no resources of its own. It is provided resources by the overall Registry. That is what hampers our ability. And there is a need for a proactive relationship between the Registry and the Defence Office to engage on these issues, which has not been the case since March, I can say, and it has affected our ability to organise this team properly.

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