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I have always done that, your Honour, under reasonable circumstances and I'm prepared to do that. But, again, the issue of the amount that was offered by the Registry in terms of being able to put a team forward is an issue that, in my view, should be looked more into from the point of view of engaging with the Registry rather than a submission as to the finality, because putting a team together -- we have envisaged to put a team together, a team of experienced lawyers -- lead counsel, supported by between three -- two and three co-counsel and two legal assistants, operating in The Hague for this trial. And the figure being put forward, within the complexity of the case, is something that I don't want to challenge in this -- in this particular hearing, but rather what I would prefer, to engage with the Registry to look more into whether or not that will provide the kind of adequate resources that are necessary.

I think the way forward for me is for the Registry and the office to sit down, rather than filing papers back and forth, and address this issue from the point of view of understanding that there is, indeed, some complexity that is -- that makes this case a bit -- much more unique or different from the other cases that have appeared before the Court, which we have said from the beginning. We have said this from the beginning. And that can enable us to deal with this issue. That notwithstanding, we are in the process of consulting people, lawyers or counsel, to form a new Defence team for the accused. And, again, the resources that have been thrown at us -- because the question is, who is going to pay, how much are you thinking, that has always been the issue.

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