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Well, I needed to, first of all, know what the details were, and I needed to consult with Mr Taylor on this issue. Unfortunately, for reasons that I may not go into here in the interests of the reputation of the Court, I was not allowed to go to consult with Mr Taylor to know exactly what these issues are to be able to address them. And again, this issue was also to be addressed from -- at about the Pre-Trial Conference and again -- particularly, we had intended to further deal with these issues from that time. And of course I could not consult with Mr Taylor.

Now, we have done every other thing necessary from the point of view of allowing Assigned Counsel to organise his team. We've tried to facilitate. Of course, it is now an open secret that our ability to facilitate a counsel to join the team as co-counsel, because of his involvement in one of the cases before the Court, has not proved fruitful because your learned brothers in Trial Chamber I have not released him because he's a court-appointed counsel in one of the cases that is finishing. That's one attempt to --

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