The transcripts of the trial of Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia. More…

Fair enough. I intend to do nothing other than that, your Honour.

When we consulted with Mr Taylor, Mr Taylor was very much concerned about his fair-trial rights.

Now, I want to observe preliminarily that Mr Taylor was very cooperative during the consultation and he showed a deep interest in resolving what he calls the current impasse, and he undertook to return and to participate in the proceedings before the Court if his concerns, as articulated to the Trial Chamber on the 4th of June, are addressed.

Again, based on our consultations, he was of the view that if these problems are addressed at this early stage, he would cooperate to ensure that the trial goes on without further hiccups and delay because he, too, is concerned about undue delay in his trial, which, according to him, will impact on his fair-trial rights.

Now, primarily the issues resolved -- revolved around his legal representation or his self-representation. Now, in addressing him, we felt that it will not be in the interests of justice for him to maintain to want to represent himself and the integrity of the court, of the judicial process, because this is an enormous case where it is in the interests of everyone, the Court, both, and the accused, that the proceedings continue in a manner that addresses adequately --

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