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Your Honour, we are cross-checking. There is work to be done still in terms of the review and we are honestly engaged upon that. But basically we did not remove any materials. We handed over everything to the new team. What we wanted to do was to sort it and to know what was there.

In this regard, I may mention, your Honours, once I was appointed Duty Counsel, the Prosecution helpfully provided me some of the disclosure materials that we had anticipated I might need, and what I did was I kept those separate from the batch that was in Mr Khan's possession. And it allowed us to track very easily a list up to a certain date, because basically, your Honours, up to June 4th would have been the responsibility of the previous team to hand over to the Defence Office. After that date, you are aware of the events and suffice it to say that the disclosure that I received I could pass on. But there are some materials that may have been served or was delayed to be served from maybe middle of May to the team that came in subsequently. All of those were added to the hard copy of the case file as we have it.

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