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Thank you.

I recognise the Registrar is represented by Mr Michael Adenuga, and there are representatives from Court Management as well.

I'd like to formally amend the agenda -- adopt the agenda for the Status Conference today. As you know, today was initially scheduled for the trial, but there is a motion, a pending motion, by the Defence, the new Defence team, and this motion has not yet been decided. We felt that in the interests of justice we cannot proceed with the trial as earlier scheduled before we have decided on the -- decided this motion and before we've probably heard further submissions surrounding all the issues that relate to this motion. And so today, really, we are going to hold this Status Conference.

The parties have indicated a number of items that they wanted the Court to discuss at this Status Conference, and I'm going to go through the agenda items as we've aggregated them for adoption. This is the agenda that the Court has officially adopted.

Item number 1 on the official agenda would be the request -- now, before I go into the items on the agenda, I've been requested to ask the Defence -- I think when you spoke, when you introduced yourselves --

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