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Mr Keita, I want to ask you now a series of questions about the dates and months you spent in different places in Sierra Leone. (I would like to direct the Chamber's attention to tab number 1, and the relevant page would be page number 3 faintly written at the bottom of the page. This represents the recorded information about an interview from 2 February 2003 with Mr Keita). Mr Keita, this is what you told the Prosecution about your time in Sierra Leone and the different places you were. (Your Honours, I will be reading from about a third down from the top of the page where it says, "Abu stayed in Sierra Leone with the RUF from 1998 until 2001". It says:

"Abu stayed in Sierra Leone with the RUF from 1998 until 2001. In brief, his movements were as follows:

September - December 1998 -- in Buedu with Mosquito

December 1998 - January 1999 -- participated in attacks against Kenema, Kono, Magburaka, Makeni, Freetown (Reached up to Waterloo)

January 1999 - April 2001 -- based in Makeni

May, June, July 2000 -- took part in RUF attacks on [Port] Loko, Rogberi, Waterloo

September 2000 - March 2001 -- participated in RUF/Liberia attacks on Guinea

April 2001 - after SL disarmament moved with 350 men to Vahun, Liberia

June 2001 -- Called by Yeaten to and later attended meeting in Abidjan to plan attacks on Guinea".

I will stop there for the moment. Mr Keita, yesterday you testified about events in Kono in December 1998. Do you recall that?

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