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Mr Keita, this is what you said to Ms Dufka on 30 June 2003. (Your Honours, I would begin to read from the bottom of the page counting up five lines to where it says, "Corinne: But did you go with your own security?") Question: "But did you go with your own security?" Mr Keita answers: "Yes, I went with my own security. I carry eleven men". Question: "Your own people?" Answer: "Yes". Question: "And what did Mosquito do with these people?" (Over to the next page, your Honours). Answer: "The same people he changed them, he sent some of them to Manawa crossing point. Sent some of them in Kailahun". Question: "Were you happy with that?" Answer: "I wasn't happy, but that was the instruction. That was the instruction and he was the commander on the ground".

Now, Mr Keita, that is what you told Ms Dufka in 2003, correct?

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