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I am, Madam President. May I raise a matter of timing. I know that, in the light of fact that we lost time due to the International Criminal Court's arrangements last week, we sat extra hours on Friday last week and the proposal was to sit more hours tomorrow afternoon.

Mr Griffiths and I, for personal reasons that I think are known to the Court, have to get to Ireland for very early on Saturday morning. We have both looked into the logistics and it will be difficult, in fact it might even be impossible, to get to Ireland at the required time if we sit all of tomorrow afternoon because of the arrangements that we have made and because of investigations we have conducted into flight times and so on and flights being full.

We wondered if it was possible to postpone the regaining of time tomorrow afternoon by putting off tomorrow afternoon's session and instead perhaps having a further session on Friday afternoon of the following week? I am raising it now simply because time is tight and I thought it appropriate for everybody's sake that we raise it at this stage so that we all know our position vis-a-vis tomorrow afternoon.

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