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I would like to go back to your interview with Ms Dufka on 30 June and the relevant tab would be tab 2 again, and the pages in question would be pages 16, pages 19 and 20. The ERN number is 00035064 and I will begin to read from about a third of the page down where it starts, Corinne, "Okay good". These were the questions asked, Mr Keita, and these were your responses:

"Q. Okay, good, so who was then at that meeting? Exactly who were all the people that were present that you remember?

"A. Actually I can only remember Varmuyan Sherif, Papay Kuyateh and Papay Musa Cisse and him Mosquito.

"Q. He was there?

"A. Yes.

"Q. Can you describe Mosquito?

"A. Yes."

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