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Mr Keita, you were asked a series of questions and you gave these responses. (I will begin, your Honours, from where it says, "So what happened after that fracas?" It starts about a third of the page down):

"Q. So what happened after that fracas?"

Answer by Mr Keita, "After that fracas, from that I was arrested because they say I was from ULIMO-K men. They used to see me around Johnson, but I said Johnson was serving as honourable minister at the time so I have right to visit him at the time. I have right to pass in front of his place because he live right on the main road in the hostel building and so from that I was arrested.

"Q. Who arrested you?

"A. The men of the special mansion guard who were the SSU.

"Q. SSU?

"A. Yes.

"Q. They arrested you?

"A. Yes.

"Q. On suspicion of collaborating with that?

"A. With that operation.

"Q. That operation?

"A. Yes."

Mr Keita, you told Corinne Dufka on 30 June 2003 that the reason for you being arrested was that you were suspected of collaborating with Roosevelt Johnson during the fracas of September 1998, correct?

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